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American Journalist’s “Conspiracy Theories” about Syria Proven as Fact 2 Years after she was killed

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Nearly a year ago, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change reminded us that it had been a year since journalist for Press TV Serena Shim was apparently murdered for exposing the Turkish government's assistance of ISIS.  However, what Shim had been reporting on concerning Turkey and Syria was dubbed as a "conspiracy theory" by many, but has now been proven to be factual.

4WD 'Beach' Jeep $1,500

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Hillary Insisted America Fact Check Her, So We Did…Here’s 6 Huge Lies From The Debate

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Hillary Clinton stood before millions of Americans last night and told numerous lies, then said things like “Google it”, suggesting we fact check her…so we did and found 6 major lies, plus others.

FACT CHECK #1 – Hillary Clinton claimed that Planned Parenthood “provides cancer screenings” and therefore should not be de-funded, in spite of controversy about abortion. 

This is a repeated claim deployed in defense of Planned Parenthood, but it is not true, at least as regards breast cancer. 

As the left-leaning Washington Post’s fact-checker wrote in 2015:

Wikileaks: Soros-Linked Voting Machines Now Used in 16 States Rigged 2004 Venezuela Elections

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Smartmatic, a UK based company, is a George Soros linked company that has provided voting technology in 16 states including battleground zones like Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The company was formed in 2000 and a Chavez campaign adviser was placed on the board as well.
The chairman of Smartmatic is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who sits in the British House of Lords and on the board of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. He was formerly the vice-chairman of Soros’s Investment Funds and even the deputy secretary-general of the United Nations when he worked as chief of staff to Kofi Annan.

Pat Caddell: ‘Polling Is All Over the Place… Shock Potential Is Enormous’

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FLETCHER, NC - OCTOBER 21:  Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump cheer as he takes to the stage at a rally on October 21, 2016 at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center in Fletcher, North Carolina. Trump continues to campaign for his run for president of the United States. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

Pollster and analyst Pat Caddell discussed recent presidential election polling on Friday with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow, saying, “Something is going on in this country in these polls.”

“All of the tracking polls keep holding at Trump being ahead,” he continued. “And then all of these other polls that are one-off polls, or whatever … I don’t know how they’re doing some of these university polls. You just put the name of some university and apparently it becomes credible, whether they know what they’re doing, or not.

Caddell was pointing out the discrepancy between the different types of polls. “But in any event, polling is all over the place…. Something isn’t adding up,” said Caddell.

“Something is going  to happen here, I just sense it,” he concluded. Either “Hillary will glide into the White House, or we’re headed for one of the greatest shocks in American politics. I think it’s a very close call. I think the shock potential is enormous.”

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Hillary Clinton Flash-Crash to 12% Favorable, Losing 19-77% Nationall

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Interviews with 2,021 adult Americans conducted by telephone by BSG on October 10-13, 2016. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 2 percentage points. The sample uses a LVS based on voting history (65%), self-attestation (12%), social-media data mining (10%), demographic / socio-economic class (18%). This sample includes 1101 interviews among landline respondents and 920 interviews among cell phone respondents.


At this point Donald Trump has both momentum and enthusiasm. Distrust in the mainstream media is blunting the impact of the collective polling narrative. As Election Day approaches, Hillary Clinton’s favorable ratings have crashed to historic lows (12%) in non-partisans and Donald Trump is consolidating support (97% of LV Republican-identifying respondents are either enthusiastic or very
enthusiastic about voting for Trump).

Among independents, Hillary voters who are exposed to any alternative media (73%) are aware of the WikiLeaks emails and find them either disturbing (54%) or deeply disturbing (18%). Among liberal-identifying whites, support is shifting from Hillary (-27 since October 1st.) to Donald Trump (78%) or Jill Stein (21%).

For voters who solely consume mainstream media only 28% are aware of the WikiLeaks emails and of those, only 8% are aware of themcontent. For these voters Clinton leads Trump by +8.

More @ BSG

The Hawk on Russia Policy? Hillary Clinton, Not Donald Trump

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If you have a nihilistic desire for your family to be incinerated at 100,000,000° Celsius, then by all means vote Hillary Clinton for President. "

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad." 
—Prometheus in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "The Masque of Pandora" (1875)."

--Frédéric Bastiat


Judge Jeanine “I Could Indict Them In Three Seconds!”

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WikiLeaks: ‘Clear from the Beginning’ Hillary is Going to Win Election

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Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

 Those are the choices.

Not Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Not Evan McMullin, nor Darrell Castle.

Like it or not, either Trump or Clinton will be the next president.

A vote for a candidate not representing the Republican or Democrat parties, in the most basic sense, will ultimately mean very little.

Who does WikiLeaks believe will win?


In a nutshell, because the system is rigged. Meaning, Democrats cheat.

The Men Of Olive Company: Four Soldiers Survived Vietnam Because Milton Olive Didn't

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Phu Cuong: Where I spent Christmas 1970 enjoying a Smithfield ham with my family that my Mother had sent me and the only place I was exposed to Agent Orange.

The other guys who came back to their Chicago neighborhood on leave couldn't wait to snatch off their uniforms and run the streets one last time before shipping out to Vietnam. Not Milton "Skipper" Olive. The kid was so proud he practically slept in his.

You'd get up for breakfast and there was Skipper in his uniform, buttering his toast. You'd say goodnight and there he was, nodding off on the sofa in his Army greens, the shadow of a smile marching across his face. Hut, two, three.
No doubt he would have worn his uniform out for a night on the town, but his father, Big Milton, kept him close to home. Milton was just 17.

Skipper, an only child, was "indulged," to put it politely. He got new bicycles for his birthday and cameras for Christmas. At family gatherings, when his cousins were dressed in jeans and t-shirts, he was often decked out in a suit that matched his dad's.

So it surprised his cousins that he had enlisted and become, of all things, a paratrooper. My goodness. He wasn't 6 feet tall standing on a stepladder. His rifle and rucksack probably weighed as much as he did.

True, he had always been on the thin side. But he had also displayed, from his first breath, what folks called grit. His mother, Clara Lee, died four hours after delivering him. The doctors didn't think her fragile baby boy would live more than a day or two.
But he lived: 18 years, 11 months and 15 days.